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Tech Notes There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who dont!

The Microsoft Geeks:  ( )

Releasing soon!!! ( my pet project, coding with friends n peers )

  this portal is aimed at providing many free services to all Microsoft Geeks! A Bridge for developers working under various Microsoft Technologies to Interact and Grow!

So far these are the services i intend to put up on this site:

  • Tech Lobby.
  • Groups, Discussion Threads, Wiki, Forums, Chat.
  • Technology Tree Divisions.
  • Monthly News and Articles.
  • My fav. Wap n Mobile services ;)
  • Blogs, hosts, ftp, gallery, downloads, etc.
  • Desktop Application connection!
  • you @ [ prerelease: mail me and get one now! ]



If you want to be a part of the development team or have any ideas or wish to help me out in any manner,
click here or mail me at: umesh[at] 
( Green color and Grey matter Required !!! )




So wat's new arnt these already there ?

     " Yes, and No :)) many of these services that are presently available hav serious limits and are located and different portals not accessible thru one a single ui, etc.... if there is something thats already the best i will just integrate it :)) This site is intended to be an all in one portal with no limits u can even start a discussion thread from an article on blog these n few more ideas i intend to put up! "


Some Names like Tech Lobby and Technology tree divisions are confusing ?

    " Just few tricks under my sleeve wait n see... "


Wudnt these be too many to handle ?

    " Now, Everything is a experiment in life. isnt it ! "


So wat's the catch ?

    " Nothin just enjoy ;) i always wanted a ms letter'd domain to be mine.
         So just making it kool! "


Wat about the Space ???

   " What abt it ? Once the site is launched n is popular among peers the site can survive itself and fund itself thru many ways. bonus wud be a sponser, LOL!
        btw, No PRO Accounts! u wont need one ;) "

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