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All this healthcare 'reform' talk scares the living shit out of me because the corporations do such a crappy job that why should I expect it to get better if the government gets involved?

Appropriately a week and a bit before Valentine's Day, I got a 'love note' from Health Net yesterday. Sort of like the Dear John letter where they guy tells his ex girlfriend that he wrote her name and phone number in 27 men's rooms over the weekend. But instead of writing my name and phone number somewhere, the Health Net assholes let some low-life walk out of their facility with a hard disk with my name, address, social security number, and health-care information on it!

But... since it was "just scanned images", they figured the risk wasn't that great, so they didn't bother to tell me for 9 months. And to show how munificent they are, they are proving me with a $10/month credit monitoring service for 2 years... Maybe they should have taken a couple monts of that money and invested in an internal drive, or a lock on the door, or a security guard with cajones. It pisses me off that Health Net believes my identity is only worth $240 and that they don't need to let me know about the problem for 9 months. I mean, you can actually fabricate an entire human being in that amount of time!

I have to jump through hoops to get information from the insurance company... and I have all sorts of laws and regulations I have to follow, but WTF are they doing? Nothing... so thanks for nothing Health Net... you sucked when I had you as a provider, and you apparently haven't changed.

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2010 8:50 AM Rants | Back to top

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