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***Special thanks to Adam Cogan for asking this question and to Andrew Bragdon for answering this question on the ALM Champs list.***

1. Problem – The link to demo videos will disappear once you have watched the video

Learning Visual Studio has become easier than ever with the Visual Studio How to Videos hosted inside of Visual Studio showing up in the context of the task you are trying to achieve. For instance when you click code review in team explorer you can see the link Streaming Video: Using Code Review to improve quality when you click this link the video stream is delivered to you right with in Visual Studio.


Next time you run Visual Studio you will notice that the home page has a check mark in the video “Using Code Review to improve quality”. If you navigate to code review in the myWork hub in the team explorer, you will notice that the link “Streaming Video: Using Code Review to improve quality” does not show up any more.

SNAGHTML2945b17        SNAGHTML2971310

2. Solution – How to get the Demo Videos link back

Warning: Editing the registry can lead to serious problems if not done correctly.  Always backup your registry before editing. This solution is neither suggested nor supported by Microsoft.

  • Type regedit on the run command prompt to open the Registry editor
  • Navigate to the path Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\UltimateStartPage\VideoState and notice the newly created folder “TeamExplorer.CodeReview”, notice the key Watched is set to 1.


  • Change the value of the key ‘Watched’ to 0
  • Restart Visual Studio and Navigate to Code Review in myWork hub and voila, the link to stream the video is back!

        image   SNAGHTML2abf312

Watch and enjoy the Demo videos to your hearts content! Be right back

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Thanks. This really like a level passing of a game !
Left by Forrest on Sep 14, 2012 3:32 AM

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