May 2007 Entries
Visual FoxPro Training May 21 - 25

Just thought I'd do some blatant marketing :-) with my blog to remind people that my company, TakeNote Technologies, will be conducting a Visual FoxPro developer training class the week of May 21 - 25.   Don't forget to tell your friends. :-)

TakeNote Technologies, the Universal Thread Visual FoxPro Members Choice Award winner for Best VFP Training Company, currently has a limited number of openings available in our May 21-25, 2007 Visual FoxPro training classes. Come learn the skills and techniques you'll need to become a successful VFP developer. All courses are hands-on, one PC per student. Schedules, pricing, and course outlines are available on the TakeNote website. Space is limited.

VFP101: Introduction to Application Development With VFP 7/8/9  (2 days)  Course Outline

VFP201: Application Development With VFP 7/8/9 (3 days)  Course Outline

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Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0

Because the name, Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0, really doesn't tell you anything about it, I'd re-name it the "How to extend an established VB6 application with .NET code Toolkit". Yeah, my title might be a bit wordy and all but at least you'd know what it does!

The goal is simple, provide a path to VB 2005 for VB6 developers without requiring them to completely rewrite their VB6 applications.  There are plenty of VB6 applications out there that are still working exactly as they were designed. The problem arises when new features are requested or required. Do you continue to enhance a VB6 codebase? Wouldn't be nice to just rewrite the entire app in VB 2005? Unfortunately the rewrite path requires time and money. Even if you decide to rewrite and vow to keep things simple by just bringing the VB6 application over to VB 2005 as it currently is, feature for feature, you end up consuming plenty of resources to create an application that does exactly what the old one did.  Sure, you gain the knowledge of knowing you've migrated to the latest and greatest development platform, but typically management doesn't go for the moving for the sake of moving argument.

Taken from the Interop Forms Toolkit page on MSDN this pretty much sums it up:

"The Interop Forms Toolkit provides tools and components that simplify the process of building forms and controls with Visual Basic .NET that can be easily consumed from Visual Basic 6."

Now you have one less excuse as a VB6 programmer to start making the migration to VB 2005. :-)

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The Audiovox XV6700 is out and the Motorola Q is in!


Though I only had it a few days, I quickly learned that the XV6700 is not for me. Don't get me wrong, it was cool enough to be seen with me alright with the on-screen phone keypad, built in WiFi, slide out keyboard, just to name a few nice features. The thing that relegated it to the "time to trade this baby in" hopper was one of its cool features, the on-screen keypad. I quickly realized while trying to make a call from the car that I need buttons and one-handed operation capabilities. 

Things I'm liking so far about the Motorola Q is the fact HAS buttons :-) and it is MUCH thinner and lighter than the XV6700. Will I keep it? Only time will tell.

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Beth Massi's MSDN blog - Great VB Stuff!

Just in case you weren't aware of the latest, Microsoft MVP Beth Massi has been assimilated into the "evil empire" :-). She is now writing content for the VB Developer Center and doing a great job BTW. Check out her blog for tons of information and links relative to .NET developers. 

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Took the Plunge and got an Audiovox XV6700 Phone

I've been putting it off for too long I guess but I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new phone. This time on the cell phone merry go round I figured I'd take the next step and move to a PDA phone. I decided on the XV6700 from Verizon Wireless, my existing cell phone carrier.

From the Verizon site: The XV6700 is loaded with Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0, Bluetooth® technology, built–in Wi–FI™, and the speed of Broadband. It also boasts a 1.3 megapixel camera/camcorder with flash and Windows Media® Player 10 and a cleverly hidden, side–out QWERTY keyboard.

Seeing as I just got it last night, I haven't had a chance to play with it much yet. I have made a couple calls and things seem to be working just fine. Next on my list is a leather case of some kind with a clear face to protect the screen.

I'm open to suggestions on must-have accessories for this phone and/or your experiences with it. I've got 30 days to decide if its for me or not and the more input I have the better!  THANKS!

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Working With Shortcut Keys in Visual Studio 2005

I found an informative article on the VB Team Blog from Lisa Feigenbaum about working with shortcut keys within Visual Studio 2005. It is a nice compliment to the keyboard mappings poster I blogged about a few days ago.

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I'm Missing Being in the Mix at Mix '07!

Yeah, I'm sitting here at my desk in Raleigh, NC and not wandering around with the assembled masses of web geeks at Mix '07. Been reading some of the blogs about the event, sounds like I'm missing a good one. Here's what Rod Paddock and Chris Love are saying.

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Problem Installing SharePoint Designer 2007 - SOLVED!

In a recent post I mentioned having a problem getting the product key for SharePoint Designer 2007 to work. Welllll, I did some extensive research, ok, well not extensive but research nonetheless, and found this post on the MSDN forums.  A couple people had encountered the exact same problem and the solution was kind of strange. The solution is to re-download the .iso image to make sure you have the latest. Ok, makes sense. The strangeness comes in when you look at the date posted for the en_office_sharepoint_designer_2007_X12-21946.iso CD Image file, its 2006-11-21 22:13:14 (UTC).  I KNOW I originally downloaded that file a few weeks ago and ran into problems.

I re-downloaded it this morning, burned it to a new CD, and away I went into the install. I entered THE EXACT same product key I had used on prior attempts and BINGO, validated just fine. The install proceeded without a problem and when I ran SharePoint Designer 2007 for the first time it activated just fine. Strange, very strange.

In any case, now I can download and apply the Outlook 2007 patch I tried to install yesterday. I'll let you know how that goes and the impact I see on my machine.

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