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StyleCop was released, today, 6/July at

Compatible with the Visual Studio 2012 RC (11.0.50522).

Install order should be :
This version is now compatible with R# 5.1 (5.1.3000.12), R# 6.0 (6.0.2202.688), R# 6.1 (, R# 6.1.1 (6.1.1000.82) and R# 7.0 (

Here are the bug details for fixed in 4.7 and closed in 4.7 issues (over 100 issues fixed since 4.6)

Here are the bug details for all issues since that have been fixed and closed (over 450 fixes).

Updated Release Notes are available here

Online Rules documentation is available here

Fixes for this release are:
Update ReSharper 7.0 references to
Fix for 7343. Inheritdoc was raising false positives for some partial classes. Added regression test data.
Fix for 7351. Remove the correct blank lines for SA1512 on code cleanup.
Fix for 7346. Insert documentation fully on cleanup and on bulb items.
Ensure that the SuppressMessage bulbItem can calculate the correct element to insert at.
Fix for 7352. Module level suppressmessages were not working.
Spelling mistake.
Add missing typenames to resource file.
Spelling fixes.
Remove obsolete files.

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