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I was recently introduced to the PAL (Performance Analysis of Logs) tool. 

This is a great tool that allows you to produce HTML reports based on the analysis of performance monitor counter logs.  It applies complex thresholds based on those defined by Microsoft.

The HTML reports produced include charts and very useful descriptions and links for important counters, they also contain various degrees of alerts for when thresholds are exceeded.  These reports can be very useful aids when performance tuning or looking for possible problems.

PAL provides a large number of templates that can be used within PerfMon to create the logs that you then feed back into PAL.  So far I have tried out the BizTalk 2004, IIS 6.0 and SQL 2000 templates to good affect.

When using PAL I carried out the following steps:

  • Run PAL
  • Export the PerfMon template that you want to use.  This create a HTML file.
  • Copy the template onto the server in question and load PerfMon.
  • In PerfMon select "Counter Logs", right click in the main window and select "New log settings from..."
  • Select the template file that you exported from PAL and configure as required, including setting the log type "Txt comma delimited"
  • You should now have a new Counter Log in the in main window that you can start and stop as required to create a counter log.  Do this when running a suitable test.
  • When you heve captured a counter log, load this into PAL, being sure to select the correct template type and server parameters (CPUs, Memory etc).
  • When PAL has completed running you should now have a useful HTML report detailing the logs that were captured.

Pal can be dowloaded from Codeplex.


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