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Well, that's the precon over. Went to a session about using WSE 3.0/ASMX now, which had some interesting points in it. If you use the WSE 3.0 way of definition services, they move across to WCF very easily. In fact there was very little coding change, and that was mostly in the address part of the service.

Basically what you should do, is to to define your contract through a interface:

public interface ICommunicate
      void DoSomething();

That way you almost don't need attributes on the class itself, and you can remove the contract into a seperate dll.

Funny enough, this is exactly how WCF does things.

The main eye openner for me, was that while they can't be represented in the schema, you can still use generic objects on the server side which simply translate into arrays on the wire and client side.

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