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Another interesting day. Have installed Acrylic, and now need to start playing with it. Picked up the VS2005-RC1 (which seems to have a version of SQL server on it, which is good since I use both), which is going onto my laptop this weekend. Also got to log on, to register for beta of Office 12 once it comes out.

Finally had some time to have a good walk arround the sponsers, and have a chat with some of the Microsoft people about a couple of issues. The main being one which I found recently, but aparently is a known 'feature' of VS2003 (fixed in VS2005). If you have something like:
      const string abc = "............";
Where the assigned string (....) is very long (I found the problem at 4kb), inside a functions, then when the project is compiled, VS will shutdown. Opps.

Went to a session on advanced Avalon [WPF] (pictures, video, etc), which was very good. It really showed off the power of the system. Basically they send any supported format images or video to a surface which is then processed and sent to the screen. This allows effects to be output. This is going to allow a lot of new applications to be written once it comes out. Some of which are going to be bad :). Now as a developer, I've got to decide where I stand. I could just stick with development, but that means giving up any type of design work. With the tools of the Expression suite allowing a graphics designer to design graphics and a page designer to design the page. I would simple wired up controls and provide application logic.I'm going to have to show Acrylic to a graphics designer I know (who is used to Photoshop) and see what she thinks. More to follow.

I've started sketch out how I could use the WWF technology (we have got a app which would be ideal for this). Not complex enough for BizTalk, but still involving a number of sequential/parallel workflows.

Tommorow have got time for about 4 sessions; and want to have a go on the labs; so it's going to be a busy half day. I can't believe it's soon time to go home.

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