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Well, that was interesting. It seems MS has really put a lot of thought into some of the fundamentals, such as interop.

They've also added something to System.Exception, namely a Data property (IDictionary), to allow the caster to store additional information. I guess it's the same with anything, it can be misused. previously I've had to explain to work colleages why you should NOT use exceptions to pass messages around. This is going to tempt them even more :).

It's nice they've at last got a more consistant handle on exceptions, with the .NET framework now not really having to worry about catching exceptions who do not inherit from System.Exception, since it will be auto-magically wrapped in a RuntimeWrappedException.

The exception being ThreadAbortException which is always re-thrown (after the catch finishes), unless ResetAbort is called. That one will bear carefull review of existing code.

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