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Well, it's started good. I decided to attend a pre-conference session on what's new in C# and .NET framework 2.0

The one thing I was worried about, was how much I had seen previously of the topic, and I was right in general. But there is quite a bit I had not seen before, or even thought of. And the presenter has a good way of putting it across. I do wish that the pre-conference sessions were recorded, it could be rather useful.

For example; In the .Net 2.0, you can write Iterators. Very cool. But it seems that they can be very expensive in terms of processing time.
In many cases, it's going to be better to use the .ForEach, .Sort, etc. on the built in functions (e.g. Array)

The bag they handed out, is.. not a backpack :(. It has room to put your laptop in it, but who would want to carry that, on one shoulder all day.

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