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pdc09 Registration for PDC 2009 is now open. If you register by September 15th you can save a hundred bucks. Or you could get there my way: win a contest (hey, I’m a poor developer). As I mentioned in a previous article, INETA has a component contest that prizes a trip to PDC. But, it’s not the only one: Microsoft has announced the Code7 Contest - Code the Power of 7. It pays out great prizes, but you have to take advantage of the technologies built into Windows 7 like Libraries, Touch, Shell Integration, DirectX 11, and Sensors.

The PDC has also announced an initial list of sessions that will be available. Here are a few I’m interested in.

Zero to Awesome in Nothing Flat: The Microsoft Web Platform and You
Heavy on code and demos and light on slides. Join Scott Hanselman and build a seriously nice Web site in less than an hour using the Microsoft Web App Gallery, Web Platform Installer and the guts and glory of the Microsoft Web Platform. Starting from an open source application from the Gallery, the app customization goes into hyper drive with Microsoft Web Platform dev tools, frameworks, and database. Finish it off by optimizing for SEO and a few clicks to deploy to a real live Windows Server.

Windows Workflow Foundation 4 from the Inside Out
See why Windows Workflow Foundation 4 is a powerful platform for simplifying application coordination logic and state management. Learn about the core runtime abstractions and under-the-hood improvements related to areas such as performance, transactions, and persistence. Get insights and techniques that enhance your investments in Workflow.

The State of Parallel Programming
Parallel programming has been more difficult than it needs to be, perhaps because its tools have been treated as an “add-on” to serial programming. The objectives of composability and productivity demand something better. Come hear a relatively recent consensus view about what is needed for productive parallel programming, and why.

Petabytes for Peanuts! Making Sense Out of “Ambient” Data
Today, the key to success with data is no longer about who can afford to acquire, store and process data effectively. That’s the cheap and easy part. The challenge now is to develop ways to better use data than your competition so you can make sense of all the data you have. Learn how algorithmic processing, at modest and extreme scale, is completely changing how we build information systems. Hear how Microsoft is dealing with this shift and using these emerging concepts in their online services. Also see examples of how some of this technology is beginning to surface in Microsoft’s product stream.

Microsoft Unified Communications: Developer Platform Futures
Learn how Microsoft Communications Server and Microsoft Exchange provide a comprehensive and flexible communications platform for developers. Get a first look at the next generation of this platform through a series of demos and code examples. See how to embed Communicator features in your application using new Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) controls, and learn about the new API to develop full custom clients for Communications Server. Also see how the UC Managed API 3.0 provides access to the new Voice-over-IP features of Communication Server.

Developing Quality Software using Visual Studio Team System 2010
Poor software quality causes unnecessary losses for companies every year. Learn how Visual Studio Team System 2010's new code quality features can improve your teams ability to discover flaws early and to better understand the root cause of any issue. There are tools for everybody including architects, developers, managers, and testers.<br /><br />During this full-day workshop, we’ll start at the beginning with requirements and design, and then move into unit testing, debugging, testing, and collaboration. We will complement these with demonstrations of code quality best practices that have proven to work on a variety of projects. Come see how much easier it can be to improve code quality by using VSTS 2010!

It looks exciting! If anyone wants to hook me up with a trip to PDC, please use the contact form on my website.

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