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News Photo of Tanzim Saqib Tanzim Saqib is a Senior Developer, who spent half of his life on software and worked for many companies like #1 .NET controls provider Telerik Inc, #1 personalized Web 2.0 start-page like Pageflakes (acquired by LiveUniverse). He developed many projects ranging from banking solutions for Citibank, HSBC, Wamu, Wells Fargo etc. to Paperless Virtual University. He is industry's earliest and leading widget developer and as know as "Widget Master" to his peers.

He is a preacher of Microsoft technologies. While he jams with the latest additions to .NET, in his spare time he blogs at, maintains his personal website, leads .NET Research group. writes articles.

He is an easy going, fun loving, and passionate technology individual who is open to any kind of business opportunity and professional relationship. He currently lives in Bangladesh, but travels anywhere in the world on professional demand.

Email: me at TanzimSaqib dot com
Tanzim Saqib on .NET discovery Innovate. Create. Share. October 2007 Entries
LINQ: Iterate through collection which implements IEnumerable only
The following works fine in LINQ, because an array implements IEnumerable <T>. string[] tokenArray = new string[2] { "Hello", "World" }; var tokens = from token in tokenList select token; foreach (var item in tokens) Console.WriteLine(item); But, the collections which do not implement IEnumerable<T> or IQueryable, can not be iterated in LINQ in the same way. To achieve the same, make use of a simple casting trick such as: ArrayList tokenList = new ArrayList(); tokenList.Add("Hello"); ......

Posted On Friday, October 12, 2007 9:06 PM

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