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I have been subscribing to TechTarget emails for sometime because of the low signal to noise ratio covering a broad technology spectrum that is important to me as I'm keen to hear from more than just a few vendors so it comes as no surprise that IT Knowledge Exchange (ITKE) was recently voted one of the 10 Great Media Web Sites.

ITKE is on of those dead-handy site that I keep in the 'Favourites' when I want to find an answer. It's not so good for Microsoft .Net Development questions, better off going to C9 Tech Off for that but for everything else try ITKE first rather than relying on the randomness of Google and then wondering if whether to subscribe to Experts Exchange to get the darn answer to a question because they always end-up somewhere near the top.

OK so why do I like ITKE?

1)  It's not like a forum, no wading through pages and pages of stuff to get to the answer. If you can improve on the answer given, you are allowed to using a Wiki-style interface.

2) For asking, answering or discussing questions, you can earn points which then can be use to purchase items, like gadgets. You get more point the better your rating. And they have a competition to win prizes for points.

I recently discovered that they also have a whole bunch of very active bloggers that are experts in a particular field, Anton Venter has just started his blog on Enterprise Architecture and is promising a no-nonsense approach so I'll be watching this with interest.

So, all in all, a good IT community that isn't married to a vender where the content is easy to access that has a unique approach to improving the quality of answers all of which are from peers.

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This is great David. I have just found your blog and now read it on a regular basis. Keep up the great work. I agree ITKE is a sharp repository for this kind of information. I often post stuff myself but I will check your blog first befoe I do in future.
Left by Pat Helland on Jul 07, 2008 2:35 PM

# re: Get Answers from Your Peers
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Hi Pat,

Thanks for the nice comments.

ITKE is cool, can't argue with lots of user created content.

Left by Dave Oliver on Jul 07, 2008 8:28 PM

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