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Scoble afew weeks back went a bit misty eyed after spending a day with Curtis Wong and Jonathan Fay from Microsoft research over something they showed him and hinted that he could tell all on the 27th Feb.

Well TechCrunch think they have the answer with a new piece of software called the 'Desktop Telescope' for exploring the night sky with overlapping high res pictures taken from Hubble and Earth based telescopes.

OK so it does sound cool! I love this kind of stuff but it does serve a limit purpose over than demonstrate a very cool technology that could be used for more practical purposes. Killer app? Well may be not in everyone's book.

However getting emotional about it does seem to be old Scoble playing the marketing card. Anyway all said and done, I've mentioned him three times and carried a link to his site so perhaps that is the point but that is perhaps the thing about the Blogsphere.

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Made me giggle. You owe me wine ;-)
Left by Eileen Brown on Mar 04, 2008 6:53 PM

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