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This coming Wednesday (March 7th) Benjamin Mitchell who is one of the founders of DDD, will visit us at Oxford NxtGenUG to give us the 101 on the Windows Workflow Foundation and a few demos on how to quickly building workflow enabled applications. Now if you're like me who has a suspicion that 'Dub' F is going to useful but don't have the time to investigate it fully then this is the perfect opportunity to find out ... and eat pizza, meet fellow coders and a change to win swaaaaggggg!

I just want to quick say a few words about this to, Workflow is going to feature more in software development especially in SOA and n-tier projects, anyone involved in development would be well advised to get their head around this technology, tooling up and let it join the arsenal on their CV.

Geff Lombardi nugget is on the Background Worker capabilities in .NET 2.0 which will be very handy.

All taking place at the RM buildings in Milton, Abingdon, sign up here !

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