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I’m loving this new Texas Hold’em Poker games that comes with Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

Anyone else a Card-Shark? Then post your best score up on your blog.

Also, have you seen the prizes on the Windows Vista site? They are really amazing ! So, I thought I would enter, why not? It just means watching three short videos and then you can enter to win.

Anyway, it seems that everyone had a great time a yesterdays WebDD, I didn't get to go because I felt rougher than old boots in the end which may well be due to the night before we're my fellow colleagues decided to let their hair down and a particularly stressful UAT and I decided to join them and I *may* have had one wee drinkie more than I should. Ok, so I can hear Barry right now saying thats no excuse, well it seems he is having fun with Cardspaces which is a new security system from Microsoft. I am very keen to see how this progresses.

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