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After a lot of speculation it seems that Toshiba are finally producing drivers for Windows Vista.

The message given thus far from Toshiba has been, "when we're ready", which seems rather odd when considering that Toshiba are actually selling machines with Vista pre-installed, hmmm what drivers are they using?

Another odd matter is that the drivers are only available currently from the US Toshiba site here, so I would take this as a note of caution which is that main reason I haven't installed any of them yet.

As I started a new job this week and got stuck completely and utterly into some very stressful proceedings of getting a major software release out the door so I've had little time to catch up on the Vista release news.

I did however catch the silly article on the BBC website about voice command 'vulnerability' in Vista, I mean please! This sack just of the same sort of silliness as playing old heavy metal LP's backward and hearing satanic messages.

I also got hooked on the Texas Hold'em Poker game available with Vista Ultimate one night this week when I should have been going to bed and yet I stayed up playing the darn thing until the batteries on my laptop gave there last charge that final released me to the waiting arms of my comfy bed.

The last word I will say is that Windows Vista is a new operating system and so it is unreasonable to expect everything to be perfect for it's release, however in time this situation will settle down but ones thing is for sure migrating to Vista isn't an unsafe bet.

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