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I haven't blogged for a few weeks and there are perfectly good reasons for that,

Firstly, I've been playing with all the new technologies such as WF, WCF, Office 2007 and Vista. Vista was fun getting it to work on my Toshiba P100 laptop, but thanks to I have a fully functioning Nvidia 7600 Go graphics card and Aero is running just sweet and DirectX games are just fine (infact I think they run quicker!) However these are not officially supported drivers so use them at your own risk, I'm using them because I personally can't handle not playing BF2142. The only issue I have left with Vista is I have no sound, yep, Toshiba hasn't release a sound card driver either, I suspect that really down to Intel not releasing one and they spec the motherboard.

Secondly, I've been busy writing, I have a few articles coming your way in the next few months on SOA. I'm going to clear up a few mystery's such as my view on what Microsoft products to use in a SOA capability framework. My experiences with SOA Governance and why this is really a 'catch all phrase' for a whole bunch of things and a pet project that is purely a work of fiction which is so exciting I think I may explode ... but I just can't tell you anymore right now.

Thirdly, so much good stuff has been on recently, NxtGenUG, DDD4 and GeekDinner, plus dinners with assorted Geek friends, geeez I should podcast a few of these things.

Forth ... ly(?!), work which is really the biggest drain of my time, I'm working on a number of collaboration technologies, a nice juicy mobile project and other stuff which I won't blog just yet because it's not cleared.

So anyone going to TVP on the 12th Dec for the Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007 business launch? If so, run up to me and say hello, I'm not scary!


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# re: Where have I been hiding ?
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hey man, how did you install vista on your p100? i keep getting acpi.sys errors on install. what version of bios do you have or what changes did you have to make. also what version of vista is that you are using?

if you could email me at it would be much appreciated. thank you
Left by andrew on Dec 10, 2006 11:14 PM

# re: Where have I been hiding ?
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I had this problem with RC2 when I upgrade my existing OS!

I installed Vista on a clean partition without a hitch using RTM downloaded from MSDN.

The other key part is to drive mount the ISO, I'm not a fan of burning them.
Left by Dave Oliver on Dec 15, 2006 8:29 AM

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