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I recently received a very polite letter from the shop I order my Xbox 360 saying they had cancelled my order. The reason being is that they had only a hand-full of machines and they believed that the supply problems would continue for sometime, so rather than get embroiled in a protracted customer relations exercise they have decided to 'cut-bait'. So it's every person for themselves.

So I'm without Xbox 360 and not likely to see one this side of Christmas perhaps even later because you can bet I'm not going to go buy one on eBay and I'm not going to start queuing in the middle of the night on the off-chance that a shop may have a few in the next day.

The only option is to wait till there is a plentiful supply of machines in the shops, hmm, will this be around the same time as the PS3 is released? Hmm, may be not.

Anyway, because of this blow I've decided to re-invest the money into my PC upgrade fund. The average decent graphics card costs more than an Xbox 360 these days and the next generation of cards are going to make the Xbox 360 and PS3 look old and lets face it, cool graphics is the bit I enjoy the most. As for getting the machine into the living room, not likely! The wife wants less electrical stuff in the living room, not more.

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I have to say I'm with your wife on this one - stop beeing such a geek and go do some living in the living room! There's more to life! (That said, I'm still trying to get one - At least I can get the jibes in before anoyone else.)
Left by Felix on Dec 10, 2005 3:50 PM

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