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For a long time we haven’t had any kind of paid television service at home.  No cable, no satellite, nothing.  We live in the St. Louis metro area so we get all the basic stuff over the air for free – all the major channels including PBS.  That also means we don’t have any of the fancy gadgets – no HD receivers or monitors – and especially the DVR.  One of those would be really handy around our house.

When the digital transition happened, I just got one of the cheap boxes and put on the TV in the bedroom and put a new antenna on the roof.  We get a fair number of digital channels now – but only in the one room.  It’s only my wife and I at home so we don’t need a lot of simultaneous feeds, but sometimes two would be nice!

My requirements were simple:

  • Needed to be able to watch two different feeds simultaneously
  • DVR functionality
  • Multiple “viewing stations” throughout the house
  • Ability to start viewing in one room and finish in another
  • 1080p

So, do I just get some HD TV receivers and subscribe to a service?  Regular over the air HD?  Buying a nice integrated package looks like the easy choice.

I’ve been contemplating getting a Windows Media PC and a few extenders for quite a while.  Combining OTA (over the air) signals with a nice DVR seems like a nice “free” option.

Disclaimer…actually all of this happened a year ago.  I wrote the blog post then but I just now decided to publish it.

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