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Prior to me being hired on at Apparatus I was asked to be interviewed as a part of the Nina Mason Pulliam Scholarship to be a showcase student. I gladly accepted this honor and a couple of days before my interview at Apparatus we did the taping. While doing the taping I found out that the photographer knew someone at Apparatus and also had a loose connection with the owner. He offered to make a call and that may have been part of the reason I got the job.

Real News

Anyway the documentary I was interviewed for is ready to air and will be on TV this week! This interview is all about the Nina Mason Pulliam Scholarship and has nothing to do with my professional life. I just thought if you are bored you may want to catch it! This is a very important Scholarship to me and I owe them my life.

Channel: WFYI 1 (PBS)
What: Documentary: Nina Mason Pulliam, Her Life, Her Legacy
When: July 28th @ 7:30pm

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It aired last night at 7:30pm on PBS WFYI (Indianapolis.) I am hoping that it will be put on YouTube and if I can get permission to I will place it on YouTube.
Left by Matt Griffin on Jul 29, 2011 8:33 AM

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