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Well as a lot of people have been highly anticipating SharePoint 2007 (or MOSS) has finally made RTM.  Now that really isn't anything new to be blogging about, but what is worth blogging about is that the RTM code has been dropped and the team has also put out the upgrade path from B2TR to RTM.

Thanks to Steve Sofian's Blog, he posted the KB article to help perform the upgrade.

Now, be very aware that when you are performing this upgrade be very sure to have your current setup backed up.  Also directly from the product team at Microsoft (in a conference call), they were VERY adament about following the directions to the letter.  If you fail to do this you will suffer a long stint in hell trying to resolve all of the issues that it will cause.  --YOU ARE WARNED--

So here in the next few days, we will be performing this upgrad on our dev server to verify the validity of the instructions and also to give us a representation of how we should attacking the production servers.  I will try to post the result and any issues we have while we are making the conversion.


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