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So currently we are going to go to production with the B2TR version of the new Sharepoint 2007. Why you may ask? Because the code for RTM is dropping to close to our deployment date to push it out with the RTM code. Anyhow, it should make for a good experience upgrading the farm from B2TR to RTM once we get things stabilized.

The next adventure with the implementation of Sharepoint 2007 is the deployment of Team Sites. Now this might sound pretty trivial, but from a discussion I had yesterday with the Team Lead and Project Manager it actually isn't going to be that cut and dry.

Here is the situation: The company is a large enterprise that is pretty specific about departments and roles. The deployment of Sharepoint has already loosened up the already heavy centralized permission granting process by allowing other individuals (Department heads) give rights to the sites needed for subordinates to do their jobs. This is a good thing since the department that was administrating that is already too overwhelmed with the growth of the company. Now we get on to the topic of Team Sites. The problem is that we definitely don't want them to be self service, but we are not sure that department heads would have the "Big Picture" view of the topology of the enterprise to accurately assess where a Team Site should exist (in the taxonomy of departments and the like), and again we seem to be defaulting to the Centralized approach of making the LAN administrators take over the responsibility of, although a simple task, creating all of the team sites when they are requested.

The bad part to defaulting to the LAN administrators is that they are busy enough and also the fact that a request would be queued with everything else they have going on which could lead to excessive wait times for a site that is simple to create. The Department Heads might not have enough organizational information or technical information to do this themselves, and then of course there is no possibility of self service team site creation. So, my question is this. Is there a good white paper out there somewhere that might have the different perspectives and views as to how some enterprises might handle Team Site deployment or creation in their environment?

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Hi Michael,

Did you have any luck in finding any white paper about enterprises handling Team Site deployment\creation. I am in the same boat as you were and would appreciate any help.

I know that the TechNet people are planning to write an article on Team Site deployment.

Thanks in advance.
Left by Saurabh Mishra on Feb 22, 2007 1:53 PM

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