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After my 3 1/2 month vacation (spelled laid off) I finally landed a new position, although it is only a four month contract. What worries me is that it has never taken more than a week or two to find a new position in the Charlotte, NC area so I started thinking about adding to my skill set.

I would like to get into SharePoint development but it seems impossible to get a position without experience in it (make sense) and it is very expensive to set it up at home so I started looking for training. I've attended one/two week training courses before (I won't mention the training facilities since I have nothing nice to say about them) but have always thought the training was superficial, not well thought out and usually focused on the educating the entry level developer. A person I'm working with mentioned Setfocus as something he had looked at before so I started checking them out and on the surface they look ok, although very expensive.

So, here is the question. Has anyone reading this have a comment on the training, placement, cost, facilities, equipment, or even the mascot :) about this training?

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I guess, it would be a nice idea to try to consider using the service. - Mark Zokle
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