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So, for the past 10 months I've been working in ASP.NET, which is a first for me I'm been a desk top / middle tier developer for 99% of my developer career and thing that I don't like about the current application I support is this calendar control we have. The developer before me created a small calendar control that the user click on a icon and the window pops up. Problem with this is the calendar control has no business logic in it, to use it you have to call back the to the server, compile the page and pop it, then user then selects a date and we use javascript to post the value back to the calling page.

Man, that is a lot of work to allow a user to select a date! So, since I'm trying to make things look slicker and run faster I'm working on implementing a ExtJs DatePicker control that hides/displays using the same icon. So I went out to the site and downloaded the Framework and set in to add the control.

I kept getting errors like 'Ext..' is not defined in my main project and I goolged the living heck out of the issue with no luck. Tried different syntax, rearranged script tags all to no avail until I switched the ext-base.js I was using from the file in the ext-2.2\Source\Adapter to the ext-2.2\Adapter\Ext. Not sure what the difference is but there must be one.

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