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In previous posts, I have talked about the "What All Great .NET Developers Should Know" as well as my own list of questions.  This time I'm looking for questions that Great BizTalk Developers Should Know.  Naveen Karamchetti had created a list off CodeProject entitled "BizTalk 2004/2006 Interview questions that every developer must know..."
Unfortunately for us he already had the answers posted, but if you stay here for just a minute, you can ponder the questions on your own.  I'm adding some to his list now so his page won't help with all of them.  So, let's get started with the list.
General Questions:
  1. Does BizTalk 2004/2006 support Synchronous communication?
  2. What are some of the new functoids in BizTalk 2006?
  3. In order to use custom classes within the Business Rules Composer, what must you do?
  4. What tool can you use to view real-time aggregations in your BizTalk solution?
  5. When using the mapper, I want to copy the source element to the destination only if the source element has a certain value.  Which functoids must be used?
  6. If you want FIFO processing of messages, which adapter do you use?
  7. What is the class you must inherit in order to create custom functoids?
Schema Questions:
  1. What is the difference between a Document Schema and a Property Schema?
  2. Can an Envelope schema consist of more than one schema type?
Messaging Questions:
  1. Can a flat file message be processed without a pipeline?
  2. Can multiple messages be processed or batched without an envelope schema?
  3. What is property promotion, why is it required?
  4. What kind of scenario would you use a "promoted property" over a "distinguished field"?
  5. In Biztalk, what does a message type consist of?
  6. What are un-typed messages, how does one create them?
  7. What is the difference between static, dynamic and direct binding?
  8. How does one enable subscriptions in BizTalk?
  9. What interfaces are required for a custom pipeline?
Orchestration Questions:
  1. How do you prevent occuring of "zombies" in a Parallel Convoy?
  2. What is the difference between a delay shape vs a listen shape?
  3. When would you use a Call Orchestration shape over a Start Orchestration shape?
  4. What is the difference between a "Message Assignment" shape and an "Expression" shape?
  5. Do BizTalk Orchestrations support recursion?
  6. What is the purpose of the property "Activate" in a Receive shape?
  7. Can an orchestration start without an Activatable receive?
  8. Is it necessary for all .NET components being called from an Orchestration be Serializable?
  9. When do we need set the property "Synchronized" equal to true for a scope?
  10. What is the difference between an Exception block and a Compensation block? is it the equivalent of try-catch-finally?
  11. Is it possible to have a exception block for an Atomic scope?  If not why?
  12. How does one enable Correlations in BizTalk?
  13. Is it possible to share variables across two branches in a Parallel shape?
  14. Does BizTalk automatically compensate an unsuccessful transaction?
  15. What is the main difference between a Long-Running transaction and an Atomic Transaction in BizTalk context?
  16. How would one do Live-Mode debugging of an orchestration?
Architecture and Design Questions:
  1. In an Orchestration design, Orchestration "A" calls another Orchestration "B", and vice versa. Is it possible to implement this design?
  2. What are the steps required to deploy an BizTalk solution from one machine to another machine?
  3. If you wish to receive all messages with the same order number and combine them all in the order they were received, what design pattern would you use?

What can I say?  I love lists...  Anyhow, I will be adding to this one over time.  If you give up on some of the questions, some of the answers are in the link above, and the others, well, time to search!

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Answers would be nice :-)
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Answers are here.......
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These questions are too silly and for beginners, and the author boasts about if any one knows the answers.
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THe Questions are too sily and the author boasts if any one knows the answers...
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