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As technologies rise in popularity, we must always be sure that our web applications comply with Section 508AJAX is no different at this point.  Many people have pointed out that you must take special considerations when implementing this technology.
There are two articles worth checking out in that regard.  The first post on, there is a group discussion on what exactly makes AJAX compliant.  The link for the article is here:
Also, the second article worth checking out is more extensive in this matter.  This also includes recommendations on how to make the web application compliant.  The link is here:
From this article, in summary, here are the major points on making your AJAX enabled web application compliant:
  1. Inform the user at the top of the form that it requires javascript or detect javascript automatically and warn the user when it isn't available. 
  2. Inform the user that the page is updated dynamically. 
  3. Make it possible to recieve an alert when information was updated. 
  4. Highlight recently updated areas for a short period of time.
So, in closing, we need to be more concious as we design our web user interfaces for 508 compliance.  We must be more vigilant as new technologies rise in popularity. 
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