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We all should know by now about the great things we can do with virtual machines, whether they be Microsoft Virtual PC, Microsoft Virtual Server, or VMWare.  These tools are great for loading development environments as well as trying out new beta products and throwing them away or rolling back if the machine should be harmed during the process.  But, until now, have we really looked at doing this virtualization at the software level instead of the operating system?
The Altiris Software Virtualization Solution accomplishes software virtualization with ease.  This application places installed applications into what they call Software Virtualization Packages in which you can activate, deactivate or reset applications and overall avoid conflicts with the base operating system.  This product sits on top of the operating system and monitors all of the applications that you have installed since SVS was installed.  It is best to use this product before you start installing a lot of applications.
I have worked with this product a little and it seems to work quite well.  This product is free for personal use at this time and well worth it.  I know I have had many beta applications that would not uninstall properly and thus causing many headaches.  Check it out and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2006 9:34 AM Microsoft , Free Tools | Back to top

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