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Changing service logon accounts via the back door

I’m installing a product that runs a service under a pre-determined logon account. I needed to rename the created account afterwards to get round a conflict somewhere else. Sounds simple – just modify the account’s logon name and update the service’s “log on as” properties to match it.

The obstacle was that the password was secret for compliance reasons. All the sleight of hand I tried just ended up in logon failures and the service being unable to start.


Solution was to hack the registry. Always a favourite. ((Thanks to Stan Nyks for the answer))

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MyService\ObjectName contains the account name used by the service. All I needed to do was rename the account in Computer Management and then modify the ObjectName value to .\MyRenamedAccount.

Pleasantly surprised to find the service still worked afterwards.

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