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October 2014 Entries

“Couldn’t update to Windows Technical Preview”
Had a look at my Win10 virtual machine just now and saw the following: Wasn’t quite what I was expecting. The VM was installed with the Windows Technical Preview so I was not sure what previous version of Windows they were going to restore with. I went to Windows Update and all that had was a Definition Update for Windows Defender. Event Viewer next and noticed: and the next day the same again but ending with a slightly different error code: So that makes some sense – I have Build 9841 of Windows ......

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Finally migrating off Virtual PC 2007
Now that my home and work desktops are running Windows 8 (or locked down so I can’t install anything), I’m finally moving all my virtual machines from Virtual PC 2007. Losing the drag-and-drop feature was such a deal breaker in the past but now I’ve reached the point where the software just won’t install. As Hyper-V is there in the O/S, I won’t bother experimenting just yet with other managers (such as VMware or Oracle’s VirtualBox) unless there’s something I really can’t work without. Migrating ......

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