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Well well well...

"Musician sells CD for $15.98, CD + live concert for $5000"

From John Wesley Harding's web site:

"Who was Changed and Who was Dead" 
is John Wesley Harding's first rock record since 2004.
It will be available in stores March '09.
But you can buy the album, not to mention download and hear it, immediately. There are various offers available to you.

I guess I wasn't too far off, was I ?

Put a base price for a base article, and premium pricing for premium articles!

I still believe that John should have offered an option "download the album for x$ and get a certificate of ownership" proving that the customer did pay for the mp3. 

I don't bring my thousand CDs at work or on the bus.  I buy my CDs second hand, rip them to MP3, put them on an external hard drive, and enjoy what I paid for at work or at home.

My CDs are stored in a fireproof enclosure.


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