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I started writting down a list of items I wish I had in the next version of Visual Studio.  It started as a bullet list of 10 items and ended up as a 10 page doc !

Most of the ideas cited bellow are there to reduce repetive tasks; more productivity, less errors.

Here's the link to the full document.


  1. Configurable Code View: view tailored for the role of the user
  2. Special handling of Debug Mode: action/code that is performed only in debug mode
  3. Code Templates: easily create/modify function code
  4. Auto Code: code automatically created
  5. Unit Testing: in synch with the Auto Code above, easier unit testing generation
  6. Documentation: Different documentation for different roles, 2 way edition, multiple display friendly
  7. Team's Tab: tools to help communication and information exchange
  8. SourceControl Change View: let VS look for the information you need
  9. Dev tools: integration of third party tools directly in VS
  10. Internationalization: Really friendly internationalization for developpers
  11. etc.

To fully understand the summary above, you really need to look at the doc.


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