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I'm trying out Mercury Interactive's QuickTest Pro.  The recording feature, of course, doesn't do exactly what I'm expecting, so I go to the “expert view” to see the code behind.

My first thought is about the IDE.  It uses VBScript.  The VBScript IDE is not user friendly. It would be prefferable to use Visual Studio with a Mercury extension.  

Second.... Mercury is not providing any help on their web site.  You have to register, and it's for paying customers only.  I'm using an evaluation version!

There's no forum, no “MIDN” like “MSDN“.  For a quality control software company, they don't shine on helping users learn about their product.

MS with their Technet and MSDN are extremely hard to beat.  (ok, I use google to find the article I need, but at least there _is_ an article).

When my evaluation period is finished, I hope to be invited to a customer feedback.

Thank you Microsoft for investing time and energy in helping people using your products.

I find the product quite good however.  I found weird design bugs and missing features. 

My best one is the Exist property that works only if it....... exists !  That one is funny.  For VB people: Browser(”PageName”).Exist.  Of course, Browser(”x”) will return a pointer to nothing... Nothing.Exist = does not compute.

A more “friendly” syntaxe should probably be Browser.Exist(”PageName”)...  right?

It's quite standard to have a search result returned in a table, right?  There's no “dynamic” table checkpoint.  Everything is hard coded Row 1, Cell 1 goes to A1.  If a new row is returned, you're out of luck. 

This is why I wanted to switch to the code behind and try to get the info myself, then call a routine/action.  I was hoping to get ideas from samples at Mercury.

A product is quite worthless if you can't make it do things it's capable of !


Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2005 7:30 AM | Back to top

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