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My team is going to start using the Manual Testing functionality available in VS 2010 for one of our larger projects.  We started today to migrate some of our manual test scripts over to Test Cases/Test Plans in Test and Lab Manager.  We ran into a problem immediately that almost prevented us entirely from continuing to use the product.

If you have a Test Case with a lot of Test Steps the scrolling in the Test Case editor in Test and Lab Manager is broken.  When you get enough Test Steps so that you have to scroll vertically to see them all you’re in trouble.  The problem is that the scroll bar keeps resetting itself to the top every time you click in the Test Steps grid.  So for example if you scroll down to see one of the Test Steps further down the list and click it to edit it the scroll bar brings you right back to the top and you can’t see what you’re doing.  The same happens when you try to add new Test Steps to the end of the list, you can still add items but you have to type “blind” since the scroll bar brings you back to viewing the top of your list.

Test Case With Lots of Steps - Test and Lab Manager


Luckily a quick phone call to Aaron Kowall provided me with a workaround.  Every Test Case is stored as a Work Item, so you can use the Work Item editor in Visual Studio to edit your Test Cases.  The scrolling issue is only present in Test and Lab Manager and not Visual Studio as far as I can tell.  Since I figured this out I’ve been creating and managing my Test Cases in T&L Mgr still, but for any Test Case with lots of Test Steps I jump over to VS to finish inputting the Test Steps or do any editing.

Test Case With Lots of Steps - VS2010

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