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LocalStorage() is one of the new features of HTML5 that found widespread use among PC and phone developers. 
It can save up to 5MB of data locally, on a user device in a key-value database inside a web browser. Data can be retrieved only from a device where was permanently saved until it gets deleted by user or programmatically.
To be able to take advantage of this and other HTML5 features, user needs to have a compatible browser. Currently, at the time I am writing this post, there is no browser that fully supports HTML5. The list and scoring can be found on
How LocalStorage() function can be implemented?  
1.     First, user browser needs to be check for compatibility. A quick JavaScript function or one of the check tool ex.modernizr will do the work
2.     Create a new database if don’t exist
db = openDatabase("GooglePreferences", "1", "MyGooglePreferences", 500000);
3.     Add key and value
Val last name = document.getElementById('lastname').innerHTML;
4.     To retreive data
document.getElementById('lastname').innerHTML = last;
5.     To delete all data
Or to delete a specific item
LocalStorage() can be easy implemented and it can replace cookies where large amount of data needs to be saved. For small data storage, cookies are still a good option thou ;)


Step 2 - only for development with Sqlite (Web SQL Database)

Updated on July 07, 2011

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