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Everybody are raving about new HTML5, the latest changes old HTML went thru. What that means to us, how our work is going to be affected?  Finally I found some time to explore the new changes.
What HTML5 is bringing new?
W3C site provides a good overview of new features HTML5 has to offer.
One new, great feature is support for video and audio. They can be easy integrated into a page and additional software will not be required. Only drawback is that these tags will work with limited number of video/ audio compressions – not all video/ audio extensions are supported.
Second good feature is storage. Storing data can be done two ways: LocalStorage() can save a large amount of data inside a browser on a machine and SessionStorage() hold data during one session.
Next are elements. Around 20 new are added, some that can be very helpful as <article>, <time>,<header> and <footer>, for some will need to see they will live or not.
More new input types for url, search, range, email etc. Good thing they have validation built in.
Before we dig in and start using all new features we need to be sure we have a browser to support them. Whatever you are using for browsing you can expect to see this message at least once: ‘Your browser does not support _ _ _’!!!


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