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If you're tired of dealing with WiFi connectivity headaches, dead zones, and weak signals, from your old outdated traditional router, upgrading to Mesh WiFi for your home network is worth checking out.

What is Mesh WiFi?
The best home network upgrade I've ever made. I immediately gained:
  • Max WiFi signal across the entire house
  • No more WiFi dead zones
  • No more range extenders
  • Gigabit WiFi speed capability
  • Automatic security updates
  • Parental Controls to pause WiFi connections and filter content
The very first speed test I ran from my iPhone gave me this (I pay for 200Mbps through Spectrum):

What are my options?
A few of the top options for Mesh WiFi on the market right now are EeroGoogle Wifi, and Orbi.

How easy is it to setup?
It took me 10 minutes to replace my old traditional router.

EeroGoogle WifiOrbi

What do people think about it?
They love it. Check the reviews.

EeroGoogle WifiOrbi

What do tech experts think about it?

Where can I buy it?
Here's all the Amazon's Mesh Wifi search results goodness.

Hope that helps! Enjoy!
- Mike

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