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Hello everyone! It's an exciting day. The first shipment of parts has arrived for the new AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Processor Video Editing PC Build! 

This fresh new shiny piece of technology grabbed my attention as soon as it was originally released on 03/02/2017. It's worth checking out if you're considering upgrading. The 1700X clocks @ 3.4GHz with 8 Cores and currently delivers a 14717 benchmark score for $365.37! 

If you're interested in seeing how this stacks up to the competitors, check out PassMark's New Desktop CPU benchmarks this month. I've always been a huge fan of Intel, but it makes my bank account sad planning an entire PC Build around the Intel Core i7-6950X or Intel Core i7-6900K. If you take a close look at the chart below, you can see me in the red. This is an accurate representation of my thought process when choosing between these Intel and AMD processors.

Looks outstanding, right? I'm anxiously awaiting the rest of the parts which will arrive within the next couple days. I picked out each one of these for my needs and budget strictly for Video Editing and a little bit of Gaming. I'm currently operating on a Surface Pro 3 which is amazing for everything but those two hobbies! If you're thinking about doing a build similar to this but concerned about the price, trimming down the SSD and RAM could help with the finances. Be decisive. If you're not careful, you may end up spending a week researching a single component. In a world full of constant innovation, it's always a good time for an upgrade!

I'm going to throw together a quick build guide with performance results soon for anyone interested. We'll see how well it functions! Hope this helps someone consider a Ryzen upgrade! Big shoutout to Amazon for mastering the logistics of fast shipping! Good luck!

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Great Article...
Left by Manoj on Jul 07, 2017 4:48 AM

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