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Objectives of Chapter 17

  • Explain the foundations for the adaptive development methodologies
  • List and describe the features of the Unified Process system development methodology
  • List and describe the features of Agile Modelling
  • Compare and contrast the features of Extreme Programming and Scrum development
  • Explain the importance of Model-Driven Architecture on enterprise-level development
  • Describe frameworks and components, the process by which they are developed, and their impact on system development

Key Words & Definitions

  • ubiquitous computing – the current trend of using computer technology in every aspect of our lives
  • metamodel – a model that describes the characteristics of another model
  • discipline – a set of functionality related activities that together contribute to the development process of a UP project
  • chaordic – a term used to describe adaptive projects, which are both chaotic and ordered
  • pair programming – XP practice in which two programmers work together on designing, coding, and testing
  • refactoring – revising, reorganizing, and rebuilding part of a system so that it is of higher quality
  • product backlog – a prioritized list of user requirements used to choose work to be done during a Scrum project
  • product owner – the client stakeholder for whom a system is being built
  • scrum master – the person in charge of a Scrum project, similar to a project manager
  • scrum team – the team members working on a scrum project
  • sprint – a time-controlled mini project that implements a specific portion of a system
  • platform independent model – a model describing characteristics that are not specific to any deployment platform
  • platform specific model – a model describing system characteristics that include deployment platform requirements
  • object framework – a set of classes that are designed to be reused in a variety of programs
  • foundation classes – the classes within an object framework
  • component – a standardized and interchangeable software module that is fully assembled and ready to use and that has well defined interfaces to connect it to clients or other components
  • common object request broker architecture – a standard for software component connection and interaction developed by the Object Management Group
  • object request broker – a CORBA service that provides component directory and communication services
  • internet inter-ORB protocol – a CORBA protocol for communication among objects and object request brokers
  • Component Object Module Plus (COM+) – a standard for software component connection and interaction developed by Microsoft
  • JavaBean – an object that implements the required component methods and follows the required naming conventions of the JavaBean standard
  • Enterprise JavaBean – a JavaBean that can execute on a server and communicate with clients and other components using CORBA
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) – a standard for component communication over the Internet using HTTP and XML
  • Microsoft .NET – a Microsoft service standard based on SOAP
  • Java 2 Web Services – a service standard for implementing applications and services in Java

Example Questions on this Section

  • Identify the five important principles and practices that are driving many current trends  in software development. Briefly explain each.
  • What is a metamodel? How is a metamodel used?

Software Principles and Practices


Adaptive Methodologies to Development


Model-Driven Architecture – Generalizing Solutions


Frameworks, Components, and Services

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