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James Rogers BI from the trenches... November 2010 Entries
SSAS Usage-Based Optimization, OlapQueryLog (Enabling and Disabling), Aggregations and Structure Changes.
Analysis Services has a useful feature called Usage-Based Optimization. This feature is used to design aggregations based on actual user queries using Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). Information on how to configure (or disable) the query logging required for this is fairly hard to find. The Analysis Services Properties identified by "Log \ QueryLog" in the Analysis Services Properties window are used to configure the query logging used by Usage-Based Optimization: The definition ......

Posted On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 3:31 AM

Tuning Analysis Services (SSAS) for better Parallel Aggregation/Index Processing
One of the key performance concepts in Analysis Services is the design and use of good Aggregations to support user queries. However, Analysis Services (Both 2005 and 2008) by default is not configured very well to take advantage of multi-processor environments for parallel processing of these indexes, particularly for large MOLAP partitions. Keep in mind, using a large portion of available processors for aggregation building is only desirable in environments where a processing window is allocated ......

Posted On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 12:33 AM

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