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I am a Female SharePoint Developer (a platinum unicorn). I have been working with SharePoint since I attended the Portal University in 2005. I hold a BA in Computer Science from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. I love playing Rockband, organizing user group meetings, working with code, attending events as a speaker or organizer, and having bizarre conversations about geek things with cool people. If you have any comments or questions fill out the contact form and I will try my best to help.

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In November of 2004 my best friend, Leah, wanted me to watch her female cat and litter of kittens.  The kittens eyes were supposed to open up during Thanksgiving or right after, so I would come by Leah’s parents house and make sure the kittens were ok.  I held them before there little eyes would open and then gradually that week there little eyes emerged from there tiny sheathes.  I was not looking for a kitten, because the apartment complex at school had a strict no pets policy.  My cat, Rogue, a grey tabby, stayed at my parents house during this time period.  I have to admit I fell in love with the little white kittens at that point in time, especially when Leah told me she saw a siamese cat running around her parents house.

At the time the first few X-Men movies had come out and my love for Gambit was rekindled.  I had always taken a shining to Gambit and Rogue’s romance in the comics.  I knew everything about the two of them from there super powers to where they were from to there back stories.  A few months later Leah sent me a bunch of pictures and the white male pictures turned out to be a seal point.  I knew that he was my Gambit.  One day I went over to Leah’s house and asked her if I could take him during winter break.  He was about 4 weeks old and she said it was fine.  I brought him to my parent’s house and they were instantly mad, but they let me keep him.  They said I could keep him at there house until I graduated if I wanted to do so.  I decided to take Gambit and Rogue back to my apartment and hide them.

When Gambit was little he would jump up and attack Rogue.  She hated him so much that she would jump to the top of my bunk beds in my apartment.  Slowly he learned how to get to the top of the bunk beds.  Rogue was no longer safe.  When I graduated I moved back to my parents house.  I applied for several jobs and got one.  When I got my first job my boyfriend at the time dumped me because he was going back to UMKC and I was going to live in St. Louis.  I was distraught and crying, so Gambit jump up sat on me and purred.  He would lick away my tears.  I had to leave him in St. Louis for a period of 3 months, when I was going through training for my new job.  I would come home almost every weekend and visit him and Rogue.  When I moved back to St. Louis the doctor told me that I was allergic to him, so I brought him back to my parents house.  My dad instantly fell in love with him and he told me he wouldn’t give me Gambit back.  After a while I ended up taking him back, because I couldn’t stand not living with him.  He would sleep next to me on my bed or at my feet, whereas Rogue would sleep directly on top of me.

Over the years I really loved this cat and he helped me get through the worst things that would happen.  Last year I came home he was meowing during the incident and he came up to me and he would lick away my tears again.  I felt bad for him when I had to take him back to St. Louis for 6 months while I finished up my contract in DC and moved to NYC.  When the flood occurred he lost all his toys, so I went to the SharePoint Conference in October of 2011.  I told all the booths that anything they could donate to my cat would be appreciated.  I received an Office 365 monkey, a bunch of balls, and some SharePoint 911 farm animals.  Some of Gambit’s favorite toys in the whole wide world were the Bamboo Solutions Pandas and those farm animals.  We had a fight for the ones I got in 2009.  I had to hide them in my carrying case.  He would randomly steal all my stuffed animals and hide them in various places.  He loved to knock things down constantly so I had to pick things up.

One time I was about to leave to visit with a friend in NYC and I had a slushie on the dining room table.  He intentionally knocked it down, so I had to clean it up and stay with him.  He would try and get in the bath tub every single day so that he could drink from the tap first.  He would fight with me to get the water in the sink first.  Every time I took a bath he would try and lick the water if I left the bathroom open.  He would always greet me when I came back a trip no matter where I came from by meowing incessantly and trying to trip me.  Yesterday I came back from Chicago and he was so excited to see me.  I got him some water and we watched a bunch of One Tree Hill episodes together.  He took his place at the foot of my chaise right on top of my feet.  Today we had our usual fight for the chaise while I was working.  He would push me aside and I would push him aside.  When I was trying to do this workout earlier today he tried to lick my face while I was doing a plank.  He wanted me to know that he was there and that I should pet him.  He sat on my chest for a substantial period of time while I was working today.

When I left to go out to run he was meowing at the door repeatedly.  He didn’t want me to leave as usual.  I came back sat down for a few minutes then went to clean my water containers.  He jumped and landed, but I wasn’t sure where.  He made a funny noise and he started tumbling off the counter.  I had no idea what was going on.  He fell to the floor and started panting oddly then he was quiet and still with his eyes open.  It was by far one of those worst moments you characterize in your life.  He laid on the ground and I touched him.  I started freaking out.  I called and imed and texted a bunch of friends.  Inevitably you never know when a pet or a loved one will go.  He was perfectly fine and then all of a sudden he wasn’t.  I thought this is so surreal and terrible. 

I am glad at least I was in a better place than last year.  I was finally happy and this happened.  I know some people would say he was just a pet, but he wasn’t like any other cat I’ve had.  He was more like a dog than a cat.  He was smart and it felt in some ways like he knew what was going on.  He will always have a special place in my heart.  It feels like this big gap is missing in my heart.  I keep looking around hoping he would jump up to the bed.  I keep looking in the box he would sit in and hope he would meow at me to go to bed.  He doesn’t do that and it hurts a little bit.  It’s going to be a hard couple of days, but I know I am a survivor.  I am glad he didn’t have any pain in the end.  I am glad I got that last 8 months with him in NYC before he died.  I don’t regret a single minute I got to spend with him today and in his entire life.  He made me happy.  I will probably look to getting another siamese, because he made me fall in love with him and his breed.  RIP Gambit November 2004 to August 2012.

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Very sorry to hear about Gambit. I recently lost my cat who was 13 years old to a blood clot. I wasn't home, but Michelle was and it was definitely hard. We rescued another cat a week later named Shadow who I am trying to rename Shadowfax :D will little success. It is so much cooler to yell Shadowfax in a Gandoff voice than just saying Shadow :D.
Left by Jeff Julian on Aug 22, 2012 8:15 AM

# re: Gambit RIP
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Sorry to hear of your loss. My truly first child is now a 15 yr old Jack Russell Terrier, named 'J.R.', so my family can really relate to how close you become with your pets. . I have 2 'real' children, daughters, who are 14 and 11. Plus another Jack Russell and 3 cats in our family. They are not just pets, thats for sure. I'm dreading the day ol' J.R. meets his demise, but he is already defying all odds for his various medical conditions. He has some sort of liver disease that eats special diet for, and based on some tests we had several months ago, due to alarming rising of some of his enzyme counts, etc., we know he has something more serious. But, without an extensive and risky (and expensive) biopsy proceedure, things pretty much point to cancer. You would never know it, and no one can believe he is just as spunky and active as he was 5-10 years ago. I know it will take other people, like you, and dealing with their losses to help get through ours when the time comes. Thanks for sharing!
Left by Patrick Drews on Aug 22, 2012 8:34 PM

# re: Gambit RIP
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Hi Becky,

sorry to hear about your loss. It's definitely not easy to lose one's beloved pet, especially when you don't expect it at all (like when they are quite young).

Left by Rene on Oct 16, 2012 4:56 AM

# re: Gambit RIP
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Thats a pity, hope you will get a new cat.
Left by Sandra on Oct 18, 2012 9:14 AM

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