BI User Group meeting 2014-11-18, PASS Highlights, SSRS Admin using Powershell

The speakers are Clayton Groom, Maria Stanley, Phil Milner.

Highlights about PASS:  I don’t think I’m interested in Karaoke, but having a chat with Chris Webb would be cool.

Tabular versus Multi-Dimensional:  One comment is that if the business is constantly changing requirement, it’s quicker to respond with a tabular model than MD.  I’m not sure about that, from what I can see with building a tabular model, there is not much difference in setting up data source, view, relationships.  I think it might be quicker because there is less tabular can do (like many-to-many relationships).

Using PowerShell to administer SSRS.  Look for resources on “the scripting guys”, and search for PowerShell scripts.  The talk is great, good job Phil.  Now I’m really thinking about creating a presentation on PowerShell scripts for SSRS, SSAS, SSIS, etc.

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