To bcp or Not To bcp... SSIS won (very specific Req)

I'm a recent convert to bcp. Actually, to put it more correctly, I haven't had any ETL requirement that would require complex data flow.

I am a huge SSIS fan, but until 2012 came along, logging and debugging has always been an issue, so slowly I was moving back to SQL for basic tasks, breaking the uniformity of the project. Along the way I started to use bcp more heavily

So imagine my surprise when I found this article: Basically saying "Data Flow Destination Fast Load" is bcp. I haven't found anything on MSDB or TechNet to confirm this. I was hoping it's running some powershell script. But now my question is, how and where does SSIS store the intermediary file? Does anybody know?

UPDATE [2014-10-30]:
I was doing a comparison between BCP, Bulk Load, and SSIS. After the first round of benchmark, I didn't even bother. Scenario is I have to move about 200 M rows between servers, without filling up the transaction logs, and without using up too much space. Since bcp or build load need to use an intermediate file, that shot out the space requirement. SSIS data flow, turned out to be the best, there is some transaction log hit, but I did not see any space being taken up except the data part, so somehow SSIS is using memory to load those data. So SSIS is the clear winner.

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