New Microsoft Virtual PC, does it support 64-bit guess OS?

I've been a long time Microsoft Virtual PC user.  When Win 7 came out, I was very disappointed that Virtual PC 2007 didn't support Win 7 in the guest OS.  And when Win 8 came out, I was even more disappointed with Virtual PC because I saw how Win 8 with Hyper-V is so much better than the old VPC 2007 technology.

What prevented me from upgrading at the time was knowing that Technet is going away.  I couldn't afford MSDN on a yearly basis, so I wasn't going to need a hyper-V environment anymore.  So all my OS stayed as Win 7.  In a way, I can't believe I haven't bought a computer for 3 years...

But, working to revamp a couple of my desktops this week, I discovered that Microsoft has made an improvement to Virtual PC.  I'm very excited on this change.  However, the documentation doesn't say whether a 64-bit guest OS is supported.  So I'll find out.  But this is awesome.  Kudos, Microsoft!


[2014-02-27 update]

After playing with it for a few days, I got so frustrated that I uninstall the "update" (yes, the windows virtual PC came as an "update" download), and went back to Virtual PC 2007.  The wizard just would take an existing virtual PC disc, even though there was a selection to use exsiting (when you select that and go through the wizard, eventually you'll hit an error stating that the virtual PC already exists).  So I started from scratch to do a new one.  The problem with that is there is no management console for me to change the existing setup.  For example, I wanted to add a network adapter, but there is no console for me to change that when the machine is not running.  Once it's running, I cannot change hardware settings, so basically I was stuck with the original settings.

I really wouldn't recommend using this until all these problems are resolved.

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