Follow up thoughts on IE password eye feature - not a bad feature, but should be off by default

A few months ago when IE 10 first came out, I made this post.

I'll admit it was a rant, and I appreciate all the comments.  People actually care about this topic and spend their precious time to give opinions.  After finally having some more free time to review the entire thread, I'd like to declare that the original post was incomplete, and the following is my more coherent opinion.

I've long been a Microsoft fan, love the way they build all kinds of features into their software and just let people's imagination go wild.  I can especially say that now since I've owned an iPhone for a while, still owning 2 Android tablets, 4 Windows Desktops/laptop, and played with all the phones in the store to decide to switch from iPhone to a Win 8 phone.

My problem with the IE password eye feature is not that it's there, but that it's on by default.  One thing I really think Apple got it right, is that any product out of the box should help prevent people from making mistakes that they unknowingly commit because they are not familiar with the product yet.  iPhone, out of the box, is easy to use and the user doesn't have to worry about security or other things they have no interest in learning.  This is something I think Microsoft has done from time to time, but not consistently.  For example, the new Windows 8.1 comes with Windows Defender automatically on (I hope there is not going to be another lawsuit similar to the old "preinstalled media player" one that will reverse this).  My wife is very technology savvy for a Human Physiology scientist, but seeing that for the first time and combined with all the media stories about computer security just turned her off IE.  Now she is a Chrome user.  I enjoy buying software that has all kinds of features built in, but I just think the default setting should be done assuming every first-time user doesn't know anything about the software.  If power users want to tinker with the settings, they are welcome to customize their own copy anyway they want.

I think it's because of that philosophy that I'm the only person who liked Windows Vista, especially the way UAC was done.  It protected every user who is new to the system, but the user can turn it off if they choose to.  I do wish that the popup dialogue works every time, that would help.  :)

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# re: Follow up thoughts on IE password eye feature - not a bad feature, but should be off by default

Left by Sam at 7/12/2014 5:22 PM
Gravatar Hi I clicked on the repair but found there was nothing!
But I am uncertain if I have the sane problem. When logging into a email account there is an 'X' at the end of the box; then when I go to key in my PW there is what looks like an eye with an eyebrow over it! To be honest I am hoping this is what you took your time to comment on ( which I do appreciate)
Would live to know jow to disable this as it is very disturbing!
Thank you

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