Hyper-V Manager version 6.2, an experience in virtual switch setup

The version number of Hyper-V manager is 6.2.9200.16384   This is what came with my Windows 8 work laptop (by enabling Windows features)

The blogs I read indicated that I need an external switch for my guest OS to access internet, and an internal one for them to share folder with my Host OS.  I proceeded to create an external virtual switch, and here is the screenshot.

After setting up the network adapters on the guest OS, I peeked into host OS networking, and saw that Network Bridge was already created.  GREAT!  So I fired up my guest OS and darn, no internet.  Then I noticed that my host internet was gone, too.  I looked further and found that even though I have a network bridge, no connection has the status "Bridged"

Once I removed the bridge (by removing individual connection from the bridge, I know, weird, since none of them say "Bridged" in status)  I re-selected the connection that I want and add them to the bridge to create a new network bridge.  Once my wireless connection status shows "Bridged", I was able to get to internet from my guest OS.

Two things I noticed after I got internet for everyone ( my host and guest OS):

  1. My network adapters in the host OS no longer shows "Bridged", but everyone can still get to the internet
  2. The virtual switch that I set up for "External" is now showing to be "Internal", and I was able to create shared folder between host and guest OS.  This means I didn't have to create the other "Internal" virtual switch.

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