PowerPivot, Silverlight PivotViewer, Excel Services, Performance Point, Project Crescent from STL BI Use Group

Meeting notes:


·         Reporting Services is now incorporating Dundas Tools for better UI tools (I thought this was done a while ago)

·         New to Reporting Services 2008 R2: visualization tools like data bar, sparc lines on row level

·         Why should you use Microsoft Reporting Services?  It is a big ASP .NET extensible application.  If you want customization, you can easily build on top of this.



Reporting tools in addition to Reporting Services reports:

·         Silverlight PivotViewer Control (hosted on web server): 

·         Excel Services (hosted in SharePoint, managed service configuration):

·         PowerPivot (can be used in Excel 2010 Professional as standalone add-in; when sharing is required, it needs to be deployed to a SharePoint 2010 and SSAS 2008 R2):
    Note: this builds an in memory cube and MDX, when deployed to SharePoint, the cube is built in the SQL server.  It can also be built the other way around where a cube is built first, then use PowerPivot to create report.  There are plenty of data source adapters available, including Teradata, Oracle, DB2, oData, etc.

·         Performance Point (hosted in SharePoint Server Enterprise, replaced Proclarity):
    Enable drill down

·         Project Crescent (coming soon)





  Naturally, the discussion took a turn on “What tool should I use when?”  The official response from the presenters is:

·         If we have only 1 user, then maybe start with PowerPivot

·         Enterprise level reporting should build cubes, then UI is based on User requirement

·        Anything else is in the grey area


  My take is that if I work for a company with access to a SharePoint Enterprise server, then I would definitely let the report user build the report in Excel using PowerPivot.  When the report is ready, then we can reconcile the differences and migrate the single-user report to use Enterprise cube and hosted in SharePoint.




·         http://www.bidn.com/

·         http://pragmaticworks.com/Resources/PragmaticMinutes/Default.aspx

·         http://pragmaticworks.com/Products/Business-Intelligence/BIDocumenter/Default.aspx Database Edition is free


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