Hitting a strange Vista Ultimate install issue

[Update 2010-11-03]

This is really strange as I can restore the Vista Home Premium onto that machine and it works.  Also, I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate and it works fine, too.

The curiosity will probably prompt me to try installing it again, but downloading the images from TechNet is taking me 3 days so far.  ;)

Thanks, AreyouSerious, I'll try your suggestion, too.


[Original Post]

I'm hitting a really strange Vista Ultimate install issue.  After the installation, the Windows Update cannot find any updates or extras, and Security Essentials cannot install with an installation error.

  • ISO
    • TechNet
    • MSDN
  • Burned using
    • Windows 7 built in software
    • Active ISO burner

Things I should try next

  • Different computer to burn ISO image
  • Different version of Vista

Just wondering if anybody else hit this error as well.

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# re: Hitting a strange Vista Ultimate install issue

Left by AreyouSerious at 11/2/2010 1:27 PM
Gravatar Try looking in the windows directory for a file windowsupdate.log this file should tell you what the WUAUCLT.exe is doing. If there is nothing there, try typing wuauclt /detectnow in the command prompt... give it a few minutes then try the windowsupdate.log again...

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