December 2009 Entries

Spotlight-on-windows is a useful application

This is very interesting, and useful, too.  Well, it's a great because it's competent and it's free.

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BizTalk transaction even cover an "AFTER INSERT" trigger

This surprised me.  I have a BizTalk SQL adapter calling a stored procedure to insert a row in some table.  The table has an "AFTER INSERT" trigger on it.

The original design had the trigger fire off an SSIS package.  But when the SSIS is called, the row status is still not committed.  I thought since I'm using an "AFTER INSERT" trigger, I was allowed to do that.  Need to read more on the transaction nature of triggers, I guess.

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BizTalk port polling interval and setting up a daily SQL receive location

I've always thoughts that BizTalk will start counting when the host instance gets restarted or the ports enabled. And when the interval hits inside the service window, it will do whatever it needs to do. We did a test today and I was surprised. BizTalk actually executes at the start of the service window and counts the interval time from that point. We were going to set up a SQL receive location polling every 24 hours to execute a daily task, but with this new discovery, we are going to set up a ......

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ASP .NET control library

Man, I feel angry that this is the first time I heard of this site:

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Way to go, Microsoft!

This is cool.

Goodbye, text messages!

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Final note on creating PDF using SSRS and SSIS

Business Scenario: The client gets some kind of feeds that writes into a process table of their client processing system. The data is stored directly as the raw XML file inside a SQL data column. The XML could store multiple enrollment information for the same member. We need to use this info to determine whether a member is eligible, then insert into a staging table. The staging table is then used as a feed to drive a report that generates an image for each claim and sent off to the different provider. ......

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Tricks to format XML properly for output from a SQL query

A few things I've learned in the past few days on SELECT {something} FOR XML AUTO, ELEMENTS Use subquery to denormalize data so that they can be grouped under the same parent element. Do not use synonym to get to your linked server. If you want any elements to be named properly, use full linked server syntax and alias the table/subquery. I'll add more as I learn them ......

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