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To illustrate what I mentioned in the previous post about how swapping out one connector for another to achieve a completely different task would be very simple - I did just that.

I noticed that Dave Winer has been working on some sort of Flickr->Twitter app.  I changed about 4 lines of code in the Gcal_to_Twitter RSBScript to make it into Flickr_to_Twitter.  In the updated script, all I did was change the call to gcalSearch to a call to the atom feed of my Flickr photos.  Then I do a quick check on the atom:updated date to see if it is a recent post - if its less than an hour old, I send the Twitter status update with the name of the photo and a tinyurl to the new picture.  The rest of the code is the same.

In the call to the Flickr photo feed, I set pagesize=1.  I did this because a lot of times when I upload photos, I upload 10 or 20 at once.  I don't want to send out 20 twitter updates if I just uploaded 20 new Flickr photos.

If you want to try this one, you can copy its RSBScript source code and add it to your own RSSBus installation.  Just swap out my Flickr URL for yours.

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You can also take a look at Here we did a nice integration of Flickr and Twitter. You can post your photos including text from either web, mail or phone directly to Twitter and Flickr. You can include tags so the photo is placed in the right album immediately...

go to to check it out for yourself
Left by Mathijs van Abbe on Aug 29, 2007 4:36 AM

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